How to make publications, such as magazines, newspaper, and so on, to be a channel for online media ?

Viscovery works with 7-Watch magazine and IWalker TV program, giving you unbelievable visual search solution for publications and digital marketing!



Traditional advertising models are lack of interaction with potential consumers and hardly contribute to direct sales effects. IWalker, Taiwan SET media group most famous traveling TV program, confronted with this problem that regardless TV commercial advertising, there was little channel for them to promote their works. Moreover, considering the upcoming long holidays of Chinese New Year, it was the best opportunity for TV shows to attract people’s attention and rise up TV rating points which influences the decision making of advertising buyers for the next year. Therefore, IWalker asked for Viscovery “s creative ideas and brilliant O2O (offline to Online) strategy.



Make strategic alliance from different business sector, 7-Watch, the most influential magazine with the biggest circulation focus on traveling and cuisine in Taiwan. The survey conducted by Google says that over 84% of users will look for deeper information about products they are interested in via mobile devices after seeing ads. Combined with Visual Search technology,  readers took photos on the cover of 7-Watch it enable to navigate them to Funtrip App, which providing exclusive IWalker travel suggestion for New Year holidays. It not only helped IWalker gain notions from 7-Watch readers, highly engaging groups for traveling and dining info, but also delivered the brand core message “Work while playing, live with love”(玩在工作 愛在生活)to publicize at the same time.