Visual Search and Image recognition company- VIscovery publicize API

Our passion and goal

Viscovery ( is a vibrant, interdisciplinary company with one passion: making visual search technology more efficient and easier to apply. Founded in 2013, Viscovery devotes itself to providing e-commercial solutions among different industries, such as traveling, publishing, education and so on. As a fast-growing innovator in image recognition field whose products are helping redefine the future of instant searching, clients from private cooperation to governments, Viscovery continuing to create and improve present technique for customers to have better online and offline experiences.

Scalable technology  for image recognition

The ways how people find information change quickly. Customers no longer need to translate their request into text query, losing original meaning lying behind visual content. The visual search solution invented by Viscovery liberates images from limited metadata and text tags. Comparing with a large scale of image properties databases, Viscovery technology results in sets of descriptive variables and differentiates the in-puts from another. Moreover, since applying the image pre-processing technology, the visual search engine can handle a broad range of image transformations to ensure accuracy and efficiency at the same time. With the wave of cloud computing hitting, cloud-based visual search engine gives companies and developers a much friendlier platform for business applications, especially for developing individual recognition models of different products. With a simple action using the mobile devices’ built-in camera, consumers can gain access to your marketing promotions and digital content within seconds.

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Api is available now!

Today Viscovery is pleased to launch its free Image Recognition WEB API service for both WEB and Mobile experts and Technology enthusiast. Unlike fuzzy search, Viscovery API ( promise to bring the most accurate result. Assisting Web-based content management allows developer to add and to edit images for searching which enrich Apps to interact with target user with much fun. Most important of all, for those talented developers, Viscovery makes it possible to bring amazing ideas in real at low cost and tightened timeframe.

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