Viscovery made the top 10 Taiwan regional finalists at the Startup World Cup held by Fenox Venture Capital.  At the regional finals, Don Hsi, Chairman of Viscovery, shares how Viscovery is changing the world of videos with leading video recognition technology. Viscovery’s patenting algorithm FITAMOS™ analyzes Face, Image, Text, Audio, Motion, Object, and Scene. It automatically processes video content into Searchable, Structured data. Based on artificial intelligence and deep learning, Viscovery video analytics technology will forever change the World of Video and its applications.


About 80 percent of the data in the world is unstructured data. According to IDC’s report, the total amount of data will exceed 40ZB (equal to 4,000 billion GB) by 2020, and most of the data is un-searchable thus cannot be used. Viscovery has been focusing on Video Analytics since 2013; the FITAMOS™ video recognition engine was adopted by major China video platforms, offering contextual information and advertisement services. Similar to Google “keyword”, Viscovery’s patent pending product “Key Moment” provides the contextual relevancy similar to the Google AdSense™ for the video world.


Watch Viscovery’s Full Pitch at Regional Finals: