World O2O exhibition unveiled in Beijing. Viscovery brings innovative visual search applications to the O2O markets. 

In January 17 2015, one of the top O2O exhibitions took place in the international conference in Beijing. This time, the spotlight will focus on those renowned firms such as Airbnb, Uber, diditaxi, danping, and so forth. Especially, startups world competition, leading the future O2O market, is far more competitive this time. Viscovery, however, is prominent at visual search and image recognition, which builds the efficient bridge between physics and digital world. It is well known for the innovative applications of EC platform and advertisers to own a interactive channel with target audiences.

Most of participants in world O2O exhibition overthrew the traditions behind, embracing the brand-new business model and chance. In order to grab the appetite of consumers and follow the latest trends, they would bring the new storm into the red ocean market.

Regard of judges in the O2O startups competition, they were invited from the well known industrial experts including IDGvc, Wanda E-commerce, KPCB and so on. Viscovery, established from Singapore, was deeply concerned by judges owing to the patented visual search technology based on hundreds millions images on the cloud data base. Visual search focuses on recognising images through mobile phones cam. Not only magazines can be recognised, but products, videos are the medias to connect physics and digital world through together. Given that, consumers can scan the objects which they are curious about and receive the related messages and promotions simultaneously. Plus, Viscovery provides consumer insight by tracking background management which could allow marketers to precisely evaluate influence and leverage budgets issues.

Joy, representing Viscovery, said ” we will put emphasis on the users experience and also development of  critical algorithm technology”. She further explained “ image recognition technology can be diversified into variable types, we, Viscovery, especially dedicated to the precise recognition, 100% matching. Without further typing key words on the internet, we access O2O by only a shot of objects.”  Viscovery has collaborated with plenty of renowned E-commerce films. We are looking forward to introduce the convenience and intuition of visual search to consumers. The app will be released on the android/IOS on March, 2015 in China. Joy mentioned “ we feel excited to launch the debuted B2C app this time, also by participating world O2O exhibition, it offers the chances to connect other great enterprises.”