Viscovery is a company stationed in Hui-gu Hi-tech Innovation Center of Shanghai Jiaotong University and provides cutting edge technology in image and video recognition, demonstrating the ingenuity of Chinese innovation throughout the world. Amos Huang, CEO of Viscovery, brought with him the company’s latest VDS (Video Discovery Service) and shared key points of in-depth Big Data mining of videos with companies in the world attending the Summit.

Videos are currently one of the most important vectors of generated Internet content. However, exerting effective control over video contents remains a challenge. China is home to the largest web-surfing population in the world, and is constantly exploring the means of Internet governance. The “new domain” of the Internet should not be a lawless territory. The rule of law must prevail in this area. National sovereignty, security, development, and interests must be maintained and protected in the Internet as well.” VDS provides smart recognition of Big Data from video files, allowing administrators to monitor for illegal data and information. VDS is also capable of identifying contents depicting sexual or violent scenes or illegal substances from platforms that offer streaming or live broadcasts. Every frame of the live streaming video could be accurately dissected and analyzed accordingly. The VDS filter module is able to automatically remove illegal contents, providing a working solution for smart, high performance surveillance services.


Big Data mining of videos also provides a wide scope of additional applications, including intelligent video shoppable services. The computer will be capable of marking contents within the video to match different commodities or advertisements and promote personalization. The platform is also capable of promoting standardization of DSP platforms to improve the accuracy of advertisement delivery.

Small improvements to Big Data mining of video files could revolutionize the format of the entire video industry. “Video + Advertisements + Big Data” models will become a powerful combination and help drive rapid advancements of the Internet sector in China. We expect further improvements to smart video Big Data mining in the next World Internet Conference.