At the upcoming ISC High Performance 2016, QCT will share a compelling story about advancements in deep learning and artificial intelligence made possible by the collaborative human brain power of Intel, Viscovery and QCT.

Viscovery is a fast-growing, Taiwan-based company that specializes in cloud-based image and video recognition technologies. Viscovery’s machine learning technology helps users reach the digital content they want, with near-zero latency. This recognition technology has been used in a variety of custom applications and has been successfully integrated with wearable devices, such as Google Glass. Last year, Viscovery launched Video Discovery Service (VDS) which uses a patented algorithm to categorize faces, image, text, audio, motion, objects and scenes. Relevant tags, information and matches are automatically added to advertisements and e-commerce platforms. VDS successfully fulfills scalable video analysis and video data mining.

The advancements that Viscovery is bringing to market are truly amazing and game-changing—and we encourage you to hear more about their story at ISC High Performance 2016.

The team at QCT is thrilled to play an integral role in powering Viscovery’s technology through our own innovative contributions and our partnership with Intel. In order to advance its machine learning technology, Viscovery needs a reliable and efficient high performance computing (HPC) platform, and that’s where QCT and Intel became valuable players in the Viscovery story.

C360_2016-06-22-22-52-39-387Viscovery asked QCT to provide the best HPC server solution for video recognition and analysis. Teaming with Intel—and within a matter of weeks—we answered Viscovery’s challenge with the QuantaPlex S41T-2U, our newest HPC-focused server model, featuring the Intel® Xeon Phi™ processor x200 product family. (The QuantaPlex S41T-2U and the Intel Xeon Phi processor will both debut at ISC ‘16.)

Viscovery has conducted performance testing with the QuantaPlex S41T-2U and is very satisfied with this new solution. Viscovery is especially amazed by the huge performance boost and the amazing improvement in power efficiency delivered by the QuantaPlex S41T-2U, compared to their current CPU + GPU architecture.

Don Hsi, chairman of Viscovery reported, “QCT’s new Xeon Phi solution dramatically improves highly parallel performance. The parallel computing optimized cores and instruction sets really make a difference in tackling parallel workloads, such as image recognition and analysis, video search and data mining.”

In thorough testing, Viscovery found that, in addition to offering breakthrough parallel performance, the QuantaPlex S41T-2U also delivered extreme power efficiency.

“Running more than 6.5 TFLOPs with less than 1400 watts of power consumption is something that is never been achieved before, but QCT has achieved it,” added Hsi.  “Historically, power consumption has been a challenging issue in parallel computing, but by providing extraordinary power efficiency, QCT’s new Xeon Phi platform has revolutionized the HPC industry.”


The QuantaPlex S41T-2U is a platform capable of enabling game-changing innovations not only for Viscovery but also throughout the HPC industry, which IDC forecasts will grow at a CAGR of 8.2 percent to reach $31.3 billion by 2019.  Fueled by the Intel Xeon Phi processor and offering unprecedented scalability and a 40 percent increase in performance/watt/dollar compared to its GPU counterpart, the QuantaPlex S41T-2U stands to unlock limitless possibilities in Big Data analytics, life sciences, finance, defense, oil and gas, and government sectors.

QCT focuses on delivering unique, groundbreaking solutions because customers like Viscovery demand efficient, optimized, and reliable datacenter technology. Thanks to our partnership with Intel, we can point to the story of Viscovery and the QuantaPlex S41T-2U as a perfect example of how QCT creates visionary solutions that revolutionize the HPC landscape.

By Mike Yang, President, QCT.  Source from: IT Peer Network.