Fully-integrated advertising solutions by VDS

  • Integrated DSP, DMP and SSP, empowering the video contextual advertising ecosystem.
  • Yield more Ad opportunities than ever, making higher returns.

  • Automatic video content search, enhancing Ad relevance.


Video Contextual Advertising

  • With FITAMOS components, VDS automatically recognise face, scene, product, and image among high correlation and valuable content.
  • Match content, users, and Ads,increasing the precision in AD serving.
  • Multiple forms of sharing and interaction, creating much better user experience.


Video Content Management System

  • Catch every frame of business opportunity intelligently.

  • Analyse for once, and use it widely for multi-user.

  • Establish the cloud-based video big data system.



Six Dimensions of Advertising Data Analysis

  • Tag categories, keyword, location, percentage of screen, duration, time of occurrence.
  • Find  Ad opportunities and place it accurately to the second.

  • Big data mining for video advertisement.