The Story of Viscovery- Visual Search Solution for your Apps

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Target on mobile phone  trend in the beginning

At the beginning, Viscovery wanted to help foreigners to understand Chinese culture better, for example, Night market. There are so much food and foreigners could not understand what “青蛙下蛋”exactly means, if you translate literally. It dose not relate to food and the ingredient inside; therefore, Viscovery came up the idea, what if we could have more intuitive way to discover delicious food for foreigners? Back to 2011, smartphone was not as popular as today, but we saw the demand in this market will be bigger and bigger. Hence, we devoted ourselves into visual search solution.

Developing off-line technology

Certainly, it would not be that easy, we realized that mobile was still not for everyone yet, thus, we enlarged our business to assist tourists in order to access travel spots for information, not only for foreigner even Taiwanese could also use.  In 2014, we realized that cloud absolutely replaced the traditional hardware storage, as a result, we started to develop cloud based image recognition, and successfully we found a place for our business, it is cloud SAAS platform.  Surely, it won’t be enough for us, in the beginning of 2013, we confronted a new problem, most of visual search and image recognition solution are only for online recognition. Consumers are not able have Wi-Fi or 3G everywhere, we have to look for solution to deal with this. This solution also led us to define our differentiation on the visual search market.

Looking forward wearable devices in the future

The last half year of 2013, Viscovery also noticed that the recognition of video was an issue as well. Why? When people see any video online or on TV, it passed by very quick. You just have no time to search for product during the short period of commercial ads or videos. What would be useful for this problem? Yes, it is video recognition technology solution. It also broadened our business to collaborate with digital advertising agencies. We have achieved successes in many areas of visual search and image recognition market. What is the hottest topic in 2014?  “Wearable device”. We keep digging into visual search and image recognition market , currently, we can even apply into Google Glass.

Viscovery is a team with strong ambition and hope to bring visual search and image recognition into the world.

The story continues…