It’s an universal way to deliver samplers, attracting consumers as soon as they try it, in the marketing campaign. Similarly, except for spreading out on the street, exchanging products in the assigned store is a common channel. However, with the later method, it either lacks of “call-to-action”button or innovative tricks to catch consumers’ eyes to the shop for the gifts. The brand, hence, loses a potential chance to interact with their consumers.

In 2012, the well known whisky brand, The Glenlivet, planed to arise the brand value and created the interactive experience with consumers. By this purpose, they collaborated with Viscovery, the expert of image recognition, and launched “Seek for the best fragrance”APP. Together, they invited consumers to step on “the journey of the best fragrance.”The great combination of image recognition and augment reality allowed us to start a interesting game. As soon as taking a photo of The Glenlivet poster, would the majestic AR animation and promoted video pop out on the smart phone. Given that, the consumers would play a Glenlivet fragrance seeker, in order to earn the Glenlivet mini bottle for reward.

Image Recognition + Augmented Reality + Mobile Bar = Brand-new Digitally Interactive Experience!

The Glenlivet integrated mobile bar with APP and used  fragrance as the theme of the event “Seek for the best fragrance”. Snap the poster to start image recognition with the APP, and then the APP will show you a beautiful AR animation and high-quality video of the story of The Glenlivet. What is more, you could go to the nearest assigned store to get a mini bottle of whisky by the seeking fragrance map featured LBS.

The digital event created more than 60,000 APP downloads and more than 50,000 times valid image recognition. It could clearly be seen that APP marketing combined with new digital technology is very successful. Brand tells its story through APP equipped with visual search and AR, in order to create a special interactive opportunity for consumers. By interesting interaction with brand, consumers are more willing to receive messages from the brand and even take more actions.

Visual Search = the Entrance of Taking Actions!

The Glenlivet combines visual search with animation to create impressive AR. When a brand mixes with a great creative idea, it will produce powerful marketing effect. What new consumer experience will be created when image recognition integrates with other media or applications?











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Imagine the life in the future: When we see a movie poster on the street, just snap the poster by image recognition APP and we could immediately watch the movie trailer. The APP tells you where the nearest movie theater is, and even buy tickets right away instead of wasting time on waiting in line. At an exhibition, take a photo of the exhibits to get more related information rather than squeeze into the crowds to read the introduction. In a supermarket, you are wondering which bottle of cooking oil to choose, so you take out the smartphone to snap the bottle. Suddenly, the producer, comments and more messages about the oil show up ahead of your eyes. With these clear and useful information, you needn’t to worry about adulterated food any more.   

Visual search provides easier, directer, more convenient way to help brands interact with consumers. It not only stimulates consumers to take action, but also effectively transfers brand impression to brand engagement, and even shortens the purchase process. Consumers could purchase as soon as snap the product or enjoy more interaction with brands through image recognition as the bridge of O2O.

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