Automatic sorting massive photo library to collections

  • Import and categorise photos instantly on the cloud.

  • Recognise people, objects, scenes and motion and sort collections of specific scene and face. 

  • Browsing albums is easier than ever! Recall your precious memories in no time.

  • Get rid of the tiresome task of storing and sorting. Have a “picturesque” life should be this easy.


Multiple tags to customise photo collections

  • Automatic image categorisation and tagging.
  • Tags can be diverse: people, scene, your new car, your lovely pet and so on.
  • Manual tagging is also available to create your own albums.
  • Newly-added photos can be tagged automatically.

Instant photo searching

  • Add keyword tags to make your photos searchable.
  • Multiple search options: single or multiple tags, similar photo etc.
  • Feeling like looking for a needle in a haystack when finding photos? Say goodbye to that experience.

Sharing is caring!

  • Automatically categorise albums like traveling, gathering, friends and so on.

  • Create shared albums with friends.

  • Get likes and shares on social media.