When we enjoy an exhibition, the most annoying thing is huge crowds of people. We have to try very hard to enter the crowds to get closer to the exhibits, and the information on the wall printed too small to read clearly in the distance. We expend a lot of energy and time during the exhibition as if we just go through a war. In order to solve the problem, Viscovery cooperated with Chinese Linguipedia to launch SCAN HANZI APP featured with image recognition. Just snap the artwork with the APP, the name, the author and related introduction will show up immediately. By digital innovation, we could enjoy the beauty of Chinese characters and high quality experience relaxedly rather than being jam-packed.

SCAN HANZI+Penmanship=Perfectly embrace Chinese culture

SCAN HANZI APP launched in “2013 Cross-Strait Chinese Art Festival”, and it is the first APP which apply mobile image recognition to exhibition in Taiwan. iOS and Android versions are available. Through SCAN HANZI, the system will instantly identity the artwork and provide the information. The festival displayed admirable works of penmanship and seal cutting cross straits, such as Liji, Zhongyong and Tao Te Ching. Visitors could not only realize the deep culture behind Chinese characters, but also magnify and collect the picture on smart phone to savor the talent of  artists.

Mobile image recognition innovates in experiences of exhibition

Viscovery made a form below to compare the guide tools, including image recognition, traditional audio guide and QR code.

Image Recognition

Traditional Audio Guide

QR code


  • Snap and search by intuition.
  • Connect fast to related content.
  • Offline search is available.
  • Save the time of type the keywords.
  • Real human audio guide with good stories.
  • Multiple languages are available.
  • Scan to get more information, including images, videos and websites.

Limit of distance

Within middle distance to snap clearly.

Depend on the types. Manual operation is unrestricted.

Automatic operation should be close to the beacon.

The size of QR code influence the distance.

Usually need to scan closely.


Offline search is unrestricted, identity correctly within 2 seconds. Online search is limited by the condition of Internet.

Work Offline. High speed.

Limited by the condition of Internet.


The format of content is unlimited, including images, videos and websites.

Real human audio guide. Easily influenced by ambient noise and forget the content quickly.

The format of content is unlimited, including images, videos and websites.

As we can see, image recognition has advantages on distance, speed and content over others. With image recognition, visitors not only obtain fresh and high quality exhibition tour but also save time and vigor, heartily exploring the palace of art in digital times. Aside from APPs of mobile visual search, Viscovery is dedicated to develop other innovative solutions for exhibition. We have successfully launched related applications of Google Glass, and we look forward to establish a new milestone soon. We hope shorten the distance between exhibits and audience, also provide more interactive opportunities to optimize the experience of exhibition.

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