Billion-Scale Database

Greatly reduce the challenges of data-collection and real-time recognition system development by working with Viscovery. Viscovery’s billion-scale image database with over 13 million unique product SKU’s is ready for deployment in customized settings!


As a pioneering video recognition engine, VDS (Video Discovery Service) recognizes 7 major classes of video content: Face, Image, Text, Audio, Motion and Scene, a.k.a. FITAMOS.

High Recognition Accuracy

We deploy a hybrid ensemble of recognition algorithms to assure high recognition accuracy at different granularities, from various types of learned features, Deep-Learning based classification, to video summarization algorithms driven by strong languages models.


♦ FITAMOS technology is the kernel of video recognition and software as a service services featuring software for video content analysis for Viscovery, to integrate big data and deep learning technology for identifying seven video contains: face, image/brand, text, audio, motion, object and scene. The application applying on remote monitoring, searching for a large scale of video content retrieval and the combination solution of third-party vendors to launch valuable video content analysis software and services.


♦ API Cloud Service
♦ Data analysis visualization,  including brands’ showoff frequency, location, duration, etc.
♦ Advertising opportunities searching. According to contents and duration requests,  quickly matching ads to video resources with preview function.