You are shopping at the hypermarket, thinking about what groceries are almost replenish? The hypermarket is alway crowded in the weekends, and you always waste a lot of time getting in line? Don’t worry, with “Check Price Save & Safe”, you won’t endure the regret of buying a more expensive product anymore. Just use the APP to scan the barcode of the product, and it will show up the information and the price. It also featured an amazing function, the report system. If you discover what you purchase is more expensive in Save & Safe, please report the product to the system immediately. Check the price anytime and anywhere, everyone could be smart consumers easily!

Check Price Save & Safe×6 Useful Features=Smart Consumers!


Online hypermarket Save & Safe collaborated with Viscovery to  launched the first APP, Check Price Save & Safe. It features six functions: (1) barcode scan, (2) price checking, (3) add as favorite, (4) purchase order, (5) expensive (if any) price feedback and (6) notification of price change.

With this APP, we could buy the cheapest product with little efforts. Even we don’t need to type the keyword, just using Check Price Save & Safe to scan the barcode of the product to get more information. We are also able to add products which we like or buy often to the favorite list. Make our own shopping list and finish purchasing with only one click, break the limit of time and distance. What is more, if you buy more expensive product in Save & Safe,  you could report to the system. When the item  is cheaper, the system will notice you right away. Every consumer could enjoy a relieved and low-priced shopping experience instead of being a sucker. Now Check Price Save & Safe is available on Android. Download free and be smart consumer together! Download link:

Big Trend of Consumer: Scan to Shop, Convenient and Fast!

In 2011, Homeplus in Korea has already innovated a new trend of scan shopping, and proposed a strategy called “Bring Homeplus to you.”They posted advertisement of hot selling items in subway. Consumer scanned the QR code on the item to purchase, and even receive the products when they got home. Not only save the time on standing in a line in the supermarket, but also scrimp the energy to carry many hopping bags. When marketing integrate a innovative purchase mode, we could imagine a new consumption situation in future Taiwan: during commute from work, you want to resupply the groceries or buy the ingredients for dinner in little time. Now, just snap the advertisement of  Save & Safe to shop what you need immediately, saving a lot of time and money!

Amazon even  innovate in search. “Firefly”, the search tool of Amazon’s first smart phone – Fire Phone, equipped with image recognition and audio recognition. Scan the image of item, characters by camera on phone, or receive audio by microphone to help consumers find out your ideal product or related information. It efficiently  shorten the shopping process from search to purchase.

As the leading brand of image recognition, Viscovery strives to help partners to extend consumer behavior in-store, and make a breakthrough of physical store. We hope that consumers could snap what they are interested in through smart phone, and link to online information or purchase in one second in near future. Consumers will enjoy “ The whole city is my hypermarket!”When expand physical store is not the only indicator of business anymore, how to make good use of innovative application such as barcode scan and image recognition to create O2O shopping experience will be a new strategy for corporations.