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Brands and marketing agencies are confronting touch challenging. What is the next step for advertising agencies and how to integrate past traditional marketing experience with online media are the main topics in today’s conference.

Sizmek, a well-known online advertising specialists, fuels digital campaigns for agencies and advertisers with cutting-edged technology in order to provide better services.  Recently, they acquired Republic Project of their cloud-based advertising platform, allowing advertisers to deliver captivating contents with live updates from different social media. It indicates that more and more advertisers pay attention to  the user”s engagement with their customers. In other words, one-way promotion does not work in the digital era.

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The penetration rate of Taiwan smartphone users has risen up to 50%, Additionally, ’’ Ogilvy’s interactive ad VP Wang said, ’’ everyone checks their phones 150 times per day.” Since advertisers have realized APP would play significant role in digital war, they all jumped into the market and developed applications for their own brands. ‘’However, the barrier is how to make their target audiences to install and use them.’ Wang pointed out QR-code is hardly to be used due to no direct connection with products directly. As a result,  the application of  QR code will decrease in retailer industry, especially when it comes to O2O business model(online to offline).

UR-code, one of Viscovery’s visual search technology solutions, provides an intuitive way for consumers searching products related information. Without typing and beyond words’ descriptions, just snap and obtain the information. Moreover, retailers can design contents for each product and get feedback from customers, as an illustration, which product would be the most popular to adjust their layout or marketing strategy properly. With the trend of mobile shopping is hitting, users’ behavior changes dramatically. In next decades, mobile visual search solution will be important  for in-store shopping.