According to Forrester Research, mobile phone and tablet e-commerce is expected to reach $293 billion by 2018 and it is to more than double compared to this year. The trend posed challenge to physical retailers, direct sales providers like Amway and Wastons, both turning to Viscovery for O2O m-commerce solutions.


amway app


Producers that want to boost mobile sales will need to understand how customers use devices both inside and outside the physical store, and take advantage of the immediate needs smart devices are suited to meet. “Moreover, they have to build up connections between catalogs, products, contents in App, any marketing channels and ensure they all speak in the same language,’’ said Amos Huang, CEO of Viscovery “so that it could successfully connect offline sales with online users journey given that the m-commerce bridge is built completely .”

Viscovery is an award- winning visual search solution provider, providing image recognition and matching service for Amway features in just scanning through products or catalogs and customers can buy goods on their phones and tablets directly.  This App not only shrinks the gap between various products and consumers but also contributes to our direct selling.

Wastons, the biggest cosmetics and pharmacy retailer in Asia, cooperated with Viscovery to stretch their antenna toward e-commerce. Wastons wants to bring pleasant in-store experiences to their clients no matter where they are, at home or on buses; all they have to do is scan and pay.“The app may herald the importance of integration of online and offline marketing, as well as the instant purchase processing aspects of mobile shopping”.  Amos concluded.

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