Viscovery is invited to share the challenges of getting into the global market

2016 AWS Cloud Kata Annual Event is held on 8/30 at Taipei New Horizon Building. It gathers startup founders and developers, venture capital professionals to share their successful experiences and the new cloud techniques. As an international market pioneer, Viscovery’s CEO Amos Huang is invited as a guest lecturer to share with other Taiwan startup leaders how to enter the global market and the challenges that might occur.

AWS Cloud Kata for Startups and Developers held by Amazon Web Service is a free, day-long session of solutions and interactive live discussions, including “Server-less and containers“, “IoT Actions“, “Implementation Workshop“, and “Startup Vision“. Business leaders analyze how to propose to incubators and promote effective business models. Under the discussions of world-class elites, technology professionals, and key startup developers, Cloud Kata assists growing companies and developers to enhance their performance.


As Internet technology spread throughout the world, globalization has become the key of winning the market, and each country puts lots of resources to support the development of startups. AWS combines nongovernmental and the global advantages to establish a venture environment. They support high-value growing companies, and they strengthen world-class talents, combine funds, technology, and knowledge, and shapes the Taiwan venture startup’s international impression.

Viscovery’s CEO Amos Huang hopes to use AWS to create a broader venture atmosphere, to let technological startup companies become an acceptable concept in the society, and to enter the global market. He mentioned that a big challenge in the global market is cultural differences, and he encourages leaders to be understanding of different cultures, use local resources and personnel to build trust. He also urges each entrepreneur, “there are unlimited possibilities, so if one has the passion of something that must be done, then it is worthwhile to venture and pioneer!”