Visual search + Social recommendation + LBS = Personal wine recommendation

When you taste a great wine,  you use the smart phone immediately and type keywords to search more information, such as the price and where to buy. What information is the most useful among thousands of datas? Today you want to buy a wine to celebrate the wedding anniversary, facing plenty of wines on the shelves, which one is the best? Some companies notice the demand and seize this business opportunity to develop visual search APP. Just use the APP to take a picture of the label of the wine, you can correctly search out the wine in a few clicks. The APP also tells you where to buy, the cost and other detail information. You know whether this wine are suitable for you right away .

The label recognition technology takes away the problem of laboriously typing the necessary wine information. By using the built-in location services, local prices and stores for almost any wine can be accessed in just a few seconds. We can save efforts and time on looking for wine stores and prices. In addition to APP, now you have the second choice, using mobile version of the website to start the camera and visual search through web API.

How does it work? Take a picture of what you like!

When you take a picture of the label of Baron de Ley Rioja Reserva, the system will upload the photo to the Cloud data base. After matching the appearance, the system will return the answer or couples of selections to choose. Once you click to confirm that this is indeed the right wine, it will turn to a new page and show information of the wine, including comments, stores and prices. It even helps you purchase what you like right away.

Introduction of 5 wine APPs

There are many wine APPs which apply visual search on the market. We select five interesting and useful APPs below to share with you.


Price: Free. Pay $5 to update to professional version

Introduction: This APP is almost the best choice for many wine lovers. There are four main function, social community to share good wines and opinions with friends, wine recognition to snap and search quickly, the wine ranking and LBS to seek for restaurants and stores with wine nearby. Wine recognition can search out the right wine by visual search in only two seconds, showing the identity, comment, the price, winery, grapes, food Pairings and the worldwide ranking,etc. Besides, you are able to add your personal wine tasting notes. It is very  functional and versatile.


Price: Free.

Introduction: It integrates with strong social function as Instagram. You can follow friends and wine exports, viewing their wine posts and sharing. Visual search performs very well, revealing the correct wine in two seconds. Aside from showing the place of origin and the price, there are two type of grade, normal and exports, and the comments are the posts from the APP community. You can also like the posts to strengthen the bond between friends. Delectable featured with EC often shares new wines and knowledge of table wine, and you can purchase what you like immediately. Compared with other wine APPs, Delectable is more focus on social community, following the trend that consumers are addicted  to social media. By Delectable, Wine lovers are more convenient to make friends with others and learn more from wine exports.


Price: Free.

Introduction: Looking at the menu in the restaurant, you are in trouble choosing which wine is the best. Now you need WhatWine, just snap the wine list. It will tell you the identity and the score of each wine on the list by OCR(Optical Character Recognition). What’s more, according your main dish( beef, fish, etc.), the APP helps you select the most suitable wine to match. Instead of other visual search APP in need of snap the label, WhatWine omits the embarrassment of requesting the waiter to give you a wine to snap.

Hello Vino

Price: Free. Pay $0.99 to visual recognize 5 times; $4.99 to recognize  wine ultimately.

Introduction: There are several features in the app including wines in different scenario, visual search, keyword index, personal wine record and wine guide. Moreover, we can learn many relative knowledge about wine, but the visual search service is unlocked until you pay the premium. Also, the result of searching will show you comment, price and basic information. The EC service is the most outstanding service that we don’t have to purchase in store but only with one click on the app.


Price: Free.

Introduction: It is good for personal wine collection as record assistant. The main functions are wish list, score and EC. The visual results are only name of wine, origin and comments. You  can save the picture which you snap, or add it to wish list for future decision. Besides, you are able to buy wine directly by APP, and check the record on the list.

As we have already shared 5 APPs with their own individual features. Combine various wine APPs to improve your sense and taste! Except for wed wine, there is a large potential for other wine with local features developing visual search APP, such as Japanese Sake, Taiwanese sorghum liquor, millet wine and fruit wine. Visual search would help brands to convey more information that wine labels are unable to do. Viscovery welcomes partners to work together, sharing impressive stories of each wine with consumers in a blink of an eye.