NVIDIA is the pioneer of making GPUs; it creates a great user experience through its products, services, and sofware in terms of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Reality (VR). NVIDIA held the GTC 2016 (GPU Technology Conference) in Taipei Marriott Hotel on 9/21. At the conference, NVIDIA introduced Pascal™ GPU, which is a very important tool for deep learning platforms. Its effectiveness and speed facilitates and accelerates the operation system and studies in AI and deep learning.

The event had diversified activities, such as the “Embedded Robotic Challenge”, which encouraged students to make a multi-functioned robot with creativity. Also, the “GPU Poster Display” showed more CUDA, AI, deep learning, and VR development and applications, making the conference more abundant and creative. Also invited to give a speech was Min Sun, professor of National Tsing Hua University, Department of Electrical Engineering. He shared his research on “Learning from Dashcam”, which is an application of deep learnikng and AI. He indicated how to integrate solutions to connect IoT with the dashcams on cars. Companies also shared how deep learning technology is important to them in the market, which helps Taiwan find more opportunities in the AI industry. Viscovery’s Research Director Hsieh Shao-Hang stated that, “In recent years, deep learning has been applied widely in different fields with outstanding results. In this event, I shared how deep learning could be used in contextual advertising, which led us to developing the Video Discovery Service (VDS), completely controlling massive video data.”


When deep learning is applied on video analysis, it can accurately select its target customer and automatically choose objects in the video that has business values in order to point out ad opportunities. This is also why deep learning is the fastest-growing field in AI; besides helping computers to understand videos and texts, it can deal with increasing amount of data, which can be used in all industries. GPU’s parallel computing ability has become a key technology for deep learning, and it can improve machine learning algorithms as well as creating a breakthrough of competitive advantage in deep learning. NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang gave recognition to companies focusing on AI, and once again praised Vicovery’s recognition technology, showing how to commercialize deep learning in the recognition field.


AI is not just in the science fictions anymore. Deep learning is a breakthrough technology, facilitating the AI revolution. Different AI companies are all optimistic about the comercial value that AI can bring to human beings. As the database becomes larger and larger, deep learning technology will become more and more effective. When hardware and the Internet are upgraded, they attract more researchers to study the possibilities of development. The GTC Taiwan this year has successfully come to an end. Through sharing between professionals, we have taken a big stride forward on this long road of artificial intelligence trend