Viscovery visited Google office @Taipei 101

Yesterday Google announced Google Cloud Platform services will be available in the Asia Pacific region as it moves to expand the reach of its cloud services to more developers around the world.Google Cloud Platform will provide in Japanese and traditional Chinese.

Google Blog:  “Now, more developers in Asia Pacific can experience the speed and scale of Google’s infrastructure with the expansion of support for Cloud Platform. Today we switched on support for Compute Engine zones in Asia Pacific, as well as deploying Cloud Storage and Cloud SQL.  

Viscovery was invited to Google office, presented our own app with visual search and image recognition solution on Google Glass, it is not the first that we were invited to Google to present our solution. Viscovery has been always catch the most potential market to develop. Firstly, Viscovery started to develop visual search and image recognition technology, when we saw the smart phone market was going to grow, users take pictures all the time, but when users want to search something on smartphone, they have to type in, it was not convenient at all. However, we saw the demand of visual search and image recognition, we decided to devote our team to the-“Visual Search” area, specialized in mobile app. Afterwards, we had developed several successful apps for our clients, TAAZE, Amway, Glenlivet.

Secondly, we also mentioned the main issues of UI/UX design on Android. I think a lot of app developers and designers might notice that as well. When the team design the app, they usually use IOS design on Android, but it is not fit on Android device at all. Certainly, we will need Google to have more support on this.

It was a great chance to show in the Google office and showed them what we have done to develop better visual search apps for Google glass. We would like to bring our technology onto international scale. Soon,  we will have some apps launch to present with Google in the middle of the year.

Viscovery is looking forward to it!


Google Office