Viscovery awarded the “Best Innovation Model” at Beijing’s most recent Global Mobile Internet Conference(GMIC)

At the most recent GMIC (Global Mobile Internet Conference) in Beijing, Viscovery won the Best Innovative Model in the much anticipated G-Startup Competition. The competition carefully preselects from a pool of from 187 startups all over the world into final 10 to compete in Beijing.

Viscovery is a mobile visual search solution company, providing C2C (customer to customer) and B2B (business to business) multi model mobile e-commerce solutions. Patented visual search technology saves consumers lots of time in decision-making process via more intuitive product searching measure. In addition to cooperating with business partners, Viscovery also planned to work on C2C products with sound and practical business model, and this is one of the reasons that Viscovery successfully caught the judges’ attention in the competition. According to IDG Capital Partner- Feng Li, he pointed out three important trends: the integration of software & hardware, virtual reality and visual search technology. Recently, Viscovery also announced application of visual search technology on Google Glass and this application really made a hit and received positive feedbacks in GMIC.


Amos Huang, CEO of Viscovery, said “We will keep focusing on speed and accuracy of our technology. This honor from GMIC competition is such a great encouragement to our team, because each team member devoted so much in the past.” Joseph Tseng, demo representative, said “Compared to other competitors, Viscovery has more comprehensive advantages such as outstanding offline recognition solution and the speed to find the right images.” Viscovery planned to attend BeLauch (South Korea) and Echelon (Singapore), and try hard to bring their innovative strength on the world stages.


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Viscovery 行動辨識奪 GMIC 金獎 創新模式受多國評審肯定(繁)

Viscovery 行動辨識奪 GMIC 金獎 創新模式受多國評審肯定(簡)

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