Viscovery is Partnering with BenQ Business Solutions to Build Smart Retail Era

Viscovery cooperates with BenQ Business Solutions based on its deep learning video recognition technology, and will display the latest smart retail solution together at Germany’s Euroshop Exhibition ( from Mar. 5th to 9th, 2017. Combining BenQ Business Solutions’s Content Management System (CMS) with Viscovery’s product / face recognition technology, a new user experience of retail technology is created, and offline smart retail big data interaction has become possible. Welcome to our booth stand— Hall6, E42—to experience in person!   Viscovery’s Chairman Don Hsi stated, “Euroshop is the wind vane of retail industry; this exhibition shows the diversity of IoT as well as the future prospect of smart retail.” Based on deep learning technology, Viscovery’s product / face recognition system will have more future development and breakthrough in the smart retail industry.... more

Guiding the AI Industry Development – Viscovery Sponsors ACCV 2016

The 13th Asian Conference on Computer Vision (ACCV 2016) was held from Nov 20th to Nov 24th at Taipei International Convention Center (TICC), which is one of the biggest international conference on the “general AI” field. “Computer Vision” is a technique in general AI to study how to help computers “understand” what they “see”. Its applications include video content analysis, face detection and recognition, and self-driving cars etc.   After 16 years, ACCV was held in Taipei again, and was supported by academics at home and abroad. Professor Yang from University of California, Professor Zha from Peking University, and Professor Hong from National Taiwan University were the chairmen of ACCV 2016. Professor Lai, Professor Sun from National Tsing Hua University, Professor Chuang, Professor Chen from National Chiao Tung University, Professor Chen, Researcher Wang, and Researcher Lin from Academia Sinica, and Professor Hsu from National Taiwan University of Science and Technology all participated in the organizing team, and hopes that the conference can facilitate exchange of thoughts in computer vision technology and enhance the level of this technology.   The computer vision and AI industry in Taiwan is still at the embryonic stage. The sponsors of ACCV 2016 include video searching... more

Viscovery, Top 10 Startups in Taiwan

Viscovery made the top 10 Taiwan regional finalists at the Startup World Cup held by Fenox Venture Capital.  At the regional finals, Don Hsi, Chairman of Viscovery, shares how Viscovery is changing the world of videos with leading video recognition technology. Viscovery’s patenting algorithm FITAMOS™ analyzes Face, Image, Text, Audio, Motion, Object, and Scene. It automatically processes video content into Searchable, Structured data. Based on artificial intelligence and deep learning, Viscovery video analytics technology will forever change the World of Video and its applications. About 80 percent of the data in the world is unstructured data. According to IDC’s report, the total amount of data will exceed 40ZB (equal to 4,000 billion GB) by 2020, and most of the data is un-searchable thus cannot be used. Viscovery has been focusing on Video Analytics since 2013; the FITAMOS™ video recognition engine was adopted by major China video platforms, offering contextual information and advertisement services. Similar to Google “keyword”, Viscovery’s patent pending product “Key Moment” provides the contextual relevancy similar to the Google AdSense™ for the video world. Watch Viscovery’s Full Pitch at Regional... more

【Viscovery X ACCV Movie Night Successfully Ended on Nov.21st】

The international class conference, Asian Conference on Computer Vision (ACCV), was held in Taipei International Convention Center (TICC) this year (2016). ACCV 2016 continued the proud tradition which began in 1993 with the first ACCV in Osaka, Japan. It combined many scattered computer vision events and initiatives in the Asian region to form a major conference with the scope and quality comparable to ECCV in Europe and CVPR in the United States. This conference was supported by Asian Federation of Computer Vision (AFCV), Chinese Image Processing and Pattern Recognition Society (IPPR), National Taiwan University (NTU), and Academia Sinica. Displaying almost 150 outstanding papers, ACCV 2016 gathered researchers, developers, and practitioners to from all over the world to present and discuss problems and solutions related to computer vision technology as well as related areas. Viscovery, NVIDIA, and Google etc. are Gold Level sponsors of ACCV 2016, who are invited to set a booth stand at the venue. In addition, Viscovery hosted the Viscovery X ACCV Movie Night, where all ACCV participants are invited to enjoy the international-class director, Ang Lee’s latest masterpeice ── “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk”. Under Chinese director Ang Lee’s  unprecedented shooting techniques, only 5 cinemas in... more

Viscovery is Interviewed by Intel® Chip Chat

Intel® Chip Chat is a series of interviews with technology experts to bring listeners closer to the innovations and inspirations of the future of computing. Viscovery was interviewed at the Intel Developer Forum 2016 at San Francisco. During the interview, Viscovery’s chairman, Don Hsi, talked about the challenges of searching and classifying videos as well as the solutions and products we offer. The following is the transcript of the interview. Intel Chip Chat Viscovery and Intel Advance Visual Search with Deep Learning – Intel Chip Chat Episode 505 Release date: 20 November 2016 Welcome Chip Chat an interview series that connects you with technology experts around the issues that industry is focused on today. And now your host Allyson Klein. Allyson Klein: Welcome to Chip Chat I’m Allyson Klein. We are coming to you live from Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco and I am joined by Don Hsi, Chairman of Viscovery Group. Welcome Don. Don Hsi: Thank you, I’m glad to be here today.  Allyson Klein: So Don why don’t you just describe Viscovery and you are the Chairman of the company, so why you founded the company. Don Hsi: Viscovery is a deep learning, machine learning technology... more