VDS:A Brilliant Answer for Videos Advertising

10 years have passed since the establishment of the first video website in China in 2005. 2015 was officially recognized by the video industry as the starting year for ecological marketing. Sohu, as the leader of this industry, adopted an innovative and technological approach to bring the industry to its next level. Chief Technology Officer Yanfang Guan of Sohu Video announced the beginning of a smart video era with the OTV during a forum on the age of pioneering and smart video technology held on the 18th of December. Self-made dramas as the 3rd faction to this highly contested market The entire video sector is reviewed from the perspective of media formats. All major video channels have focused upon self-made dramas in 2015. This fad also took China’s video market by storm. Sohu kept itself aligned with the latest trends and released many self-made dramas in 2015, including “Wu Xin the Monster Killer” and “Love Me, if You Dare” which dominated the summer and winter holiday sessions respectively. The movie “Jian Bing Man” also took the title of “most popular online IP of the year”. Statistics show that total views for self-made dramas have exceeded that of copyrighted dramas,... more

Viscovery Announces New Video Recognition Tech at 2nd World Internet Conference

The 2nd World Internet Conference was held from Dec 16 to 18 in Wuzhen. Over 600 leaders of Internet businesses and industries attended this giant conference. Viscovery, a leader in video recognition technology, managed to claim the spotlight by being included as one of the 65 companies to acquire the prestigious title of Innovation Company. The theme explored by this Summit was “An Interconnected World Shared and Governed by All – Building a Community of Common Future in Cyberspace”. The Chinese government paid great attention to this Conference, demonstrated by the attendance of President Xi Jinping of the People’s Republic of China who provided an address on the theme of the Conference. The 2015 Conference was larger in terms of scale, representativeness, and contents compared to the previous session. The 65 Innovation Companies invited were also national or even global technology leaders in different sectors of the Internet. Viscovery is a company stationed in Hui-gu Hi-tech Innovation Center of Shanghai Jiaotong University and provides cutting edge technology in image and video recognition, demonstrating the ingenuity of Chinese innovation throughout the world. Amos Huang, CEO of Viscovery, brought with him the company’s latest VDS (Video Discovery Service) and shared key... more