Viscovery: VDS May Overwhelm the Whole Big Data Market

Elite professionals from Taiwan’s high tech sector gathered at Taipei on November 4th for the Big Data conference. Attendants included leading IT pioneers from IBM, Teradata, and other multi-talented specialists hailing from Taiwan’s famous startups such as Victor Wu of Vpon, Joseph Lin of HyXen Technology, Dr. Albert Chen of Viscovery, and Sam Ding of VMFive. Big Data analysis allows the processing of photograph properties when taking and uploading videos. This option provides an interesting opportunity for banks threatened by intense competition. A camera can be installed at the entranceway of a competing bank in order to recognize faces, cars, brands, and other elements that might lead them to discover the secrets of their opponents’ success. This idea was first proposed by Brian Chou, head of the Digital Banking Division of CTBC during this 2015 international conference for startups and Big Data applications. This 4-day conference was held in Taipei, with participants, including Dr. Shu-Ping Chang, a leading authority in the area of international stream computing of IBM and Yu-hua Kong, head of the Greater China Region Big Data business group of Teradata, jointly discussing about Big Data economics and how they would revolutionize business models around the world.... more