An Innovative FamilyMart Campaign of China Subway Station

Outdoors LED digital billboards are a familiar sight to everyone. However, do you really pay attention to such advertisements when walking through subway underpasses? Will you spend a few seconds of your precious time to stop and look at these ads? Most people simply ignore these ads. Relevant statistics showed that most people only pay 17% of their attention to outdoor ads. And when we say “attention”, we really mean “giving a passing glance”. If we ask commuters if they could remember the contents of these ads and whether they “accept” its contents, this statistic would plummet further. To turn this situation round in their favor and to support their new black bento box series, FamilyMart sought the service of Viscovery for their subway station digital ads, using image recognition technology to create a new advertising strategy. People who walk past the large LED panel displaying the black bento promotional video can open their WeChat and shake their phone to find locations that support this campaign. They can also take a picture of the chicken leg or bento box, upload it, and receive a coupon for a delicious chicken drumstick bento box once the picture has successfully recognized. The... more