Image Recognition Surprises Kevin Tsai in Ningbo INCITY

Kevin Tsai is a lauded personality in the entertainment circle for his talents and skills. Not only is Kevin a well-loved show host, but he has also published a book filled with classical lessons that inspire readers to look at things from another perspective. After shedding his responsibilities as a show host, Kevin has rushed to his hometown of Ningbo in order to unveil his secret bookstore. Ningbo INCITY  has unveiled a special exhibit titled Kevin Tsai’s Secret Study, showcasing a total of 166 movies, historical posters, retro publications, and rare books from last century. Viewers would be entreated to a historical adventure that stretches back 180 years and witness the rise of the West as Eastern civilizations retreat backstage and how the wheels of history leave their marks upon these fading memories. “Although my father is no longer around, I believe that he would be glad to know that I’ve selected Ningbo as the first city to host this exhibit.” Kevin said. As a collector of old, ancient books himself, Kevin be at the exhibit narrated the background story behind each collection. “Anything that lends us strength could be collectible. It could range from ticket stubs to posters.”... more

Video Recognition Technology Creates New Opportunities for Online Video Market

Thanks for the report of Sohu、Netease、GMW A report from iResearch predicts that the market for online videos will grow beyond 36 billion Yuan by 2015. This market is expected to reach 100 billion Yuan by 2020 with the proliferation of mobile network environments and improvements to basic cellphone hardware specifications. Facebook, Google, and other leaders in the industry have deployed technologies for action videos and larger video resolutions. Such efforts include Youtube’s replacement of info with cards, allowing flexible editing of external links or e-marketing information as well as Facebook’s collaboration with the video monitoring service of audible magic. These signs show that the market’s expectation of the video industry has gone beyond the contents of the video itself. Rejection of Traditional Video Advertisements Here are some statistics that should be digested. An average Netizen watches 80 minutes of video every day. A report from eMarketer titled “Digital Marketing Sales Report in China, 2015” showed that a larger portion of digital advertisement budgets are being directed towards online video broadcasting. Analysis of video website revenues revealed that advertisements are still the leading source of income. However, such advertisements are provided in the form of sudden pop-ups, stickers, and even videos... more