Convert Traffic to Orders: 
“Snap and buy” will play a key role in future mobile shopping

(Cover photo provided by Rakuten.) The mobile-using population is expanding, most of the traffic comes from mobile devices, no one knows it better than the owners of internet shop owners. Unfortunately, the viewership is the only thing that grows, “the conversion is missing”(Agarwal 2014). According to Custora’s survey, the population using mobile (phones and tablets) to visit e-commerce sites hit 20% in 2013.  In 2014 Q1, among all the devices, mobile phone users occupied 24.5% of the total views, tablet 12.4%, making up 37% of the total visits to e-commerce sites came from mobile devices. Despite the frequency of e-commerce browsing on mobile devices has increased, the conversion rate remains low compared to desktop computer. According to the conversion rates (number of goal achievements/visitors), the desktop computer still obtains the highest conversion rate compared to mobile phones and tablets, performances are 4.3%, 1.4% and 2.8% respectively. Mobile device brings infinite possibility to e-commerce industry, marketing tricks had never been this flexible and diverse:  sending instant coupons through push notifications, lottery games … just to name a few.  Be that as it may, all the fun and page views can be pointless if these traits cannot lead to more orders.... more