Viscovery shows innovation for image recognition in Orange Fab in Europe and the US

Viscovery was invited by Orange, a French Telecom, to display their image recognition technology across different languages and cultures with excellent 30 start-up teams in the world. Polo Wu, the CSO of Viscovery, described, ” It’s a grand event gathering elites all over the world, which makes me impressed by meeting diverse applications, for instance, combining Beacon technology with exhibition environments. ” Viscovery receives attention from Orang Fab Asia, and participated in Orange Fab Tokyo to show the recognition technology within their cloud in Tokyo in 2014; this time, Viscovery was invited by Orang Fab’s parent firm to join the annual global event. Polo said, “We are in touch with plenty of E-commerce firms in French and desire to realize image recognition in O2O application. For example, if you see a captivating lamp in a shop, you are no longer cheated by sales. The only thing you need to do is taking pictures, then you can find out more similar choices of products. The most important of all, we can send products directly to consumers through E-commerce firms. ” Orange Fab is a startup accelerator for five region in the world of Orange. It offers exceptional startups business, financing... more