Viscovery secures US$5 million in Series A funding

Founded in Taiwan and incorporated in Singapore, Viscovery, an image-recognition cloud service provider, has raised US$5 million in Series A financing from undisclosed investors. The firm will use the investment to bolster its R&D team in image recognition, machine learning, and Big Data analytics. Rather than having users type in the name of a product, Viscovery’s image search allows a user to take a picture of the product and then retrieve relevant information. By decreasing the friction between seeing a product and making a purchase on a mobile device, Viscovery helps e-commerce partners improve their conversion, said an official release. With this Series A financing, Viscovery seeks to partner with research laboratories worldwide, and scholarships will be offered to students who are conducting cutting-edge image recognition and artificial intelligence research. It will also invest in a research center. On the business front, the company seeks to offer an expanded portfolio of O2O solutions, the release further said. Earlier this year, venture capital firms in the US, China, and Taiwan invested a total of US$5 million to finance the company’s international growth. As part of the current financing, Viscovery will launch an SDK or API solution to provide easy integration with any... more

Smart Glasses Equipped with Image Recognition. Explore the Intelligence of Easy life

Science fiction movies have realized the fantasy of high-tech equipment; wearing a “Kingsman smart glasses” will be able to complete impossible missions like spies. Image the near future: with smart glasses, we can not only project, record, and send during meetings but also identify real-world objects and humans to get information instantly. With the purpose of improving life styles with intelligence devices, imagination and potential applications for smart glasses have emerged like a wave ever since the launch of Google Glass. Recently, in the Mobile World Congress (MWC, 3/2-3/5, 2015), major brands such as SONY, HTC have introduced smart glasses and Virtual Reality (VR) headset. In Taiwan, the leading brand in smart wearables and IoT (Internet of Things), ChipSip, has launched the SiME Smart Glasses (SiMEye) in 2014. Specifications and comparison for smart glasses (Reference: ChipSip) Company/     Produce Name ChipSip/ SiME Smart Glasses Epson/BT-200 Vuzix/M100 Google/Google Glass Product                    Support Apps on Android Devices  V ▵with extended control unit X  X Stand-alone Android System V X X X Display Resolution 800*480p color-LCOS 960*540 color-LCD 428*240 color-LCD 640*360p color-LCOS Camera 5M/1080p 480p 5M/1080p 5M/720p Features Real-time information guidance image recognition Binocular AR glasses for... more