Online hypermarket Save & Safe launched the first APP, be smart consumers easily!

  You are shopping at the hypermarket, thinking about what groceries are almost replenish? The hypermarket is alway crowded in the weekends, and you always waste a lot of time getting in line? Don’t worry, with “Check Price Save & Safe”, you won’t endure the regret of buying a more expensive product anymore. Just use the APP to scan the barcode of the product, and it will show up the information and the price. It also featured an amazing function, the report system. If you discover what you purchase is more expensive in Save & Safe, please report the product to the system immediately. Check the price anytime and anywhere, everyone could be smart consumers easily! Check Price Save & Safe×6 Useful Features=Smart Consumers! Online hypermarket Save & Safe collaborated with Viscovery to  launched the first APP, Check Price Save & Safe. It features six functions: (1) barcode scan, (2) price checking, (3) add as favorite, (4) purchase order, (5) expensive (if any) price feedback and (6) notification of price change. With this APP, we could buy the cheapest product with little efforts. Even we don’t need to type the keyword, just using Check Price Save & Safe to... more

Viscovery, IBM’s New Business Partner!

IBM PartnerWorld –  Viscovery joins the business partner of IBM! We are proud to announce that Viscovery has officially become the business partner of IBM. Viscovery will make multiple use of IBM’s advanced tools to leverage critical trends such as cloud, big data & analytics, mobile, social business and security.  Viscovery will precisely figure out the demand of every industry and consumer, providing image recognition solutions which certainly  fulfill customer’s goal and requirement. Knowledge is power. Viscovery will integrates IBM’s technique support to continuously innovate image recognition technology. We devote to supply highly stable and efficient image recognition service and more business applications. Viscovery  eagerly invite more partners to cooperate and provide more O2O solutions. Welcome to contact to get more... more

Viscovery Brings the New Visual Search Applications to O2O World

World O2O exhibition unveiled in Beijing. Viscovery brings innovative visual search applications to the O2O markets.  In January 17 2015, one of the top O2O exhibitions took place in the international conference in Beijing. This time, the spotlight will focus on those renowned firms such as Airbnb, Uber, diditaxi, danping, and so forth. Especially, startups world competition, leading the future O2O market, is far more competitive this time. Viscovery, however, is prominent at visual search and image recognition, which builds the efficient bridge between physics and digital world. It is well known for the innovative applications of EC platform and advertisers to own a interactive channel with target audiences. Most of participants in world O2O exhibition overthrew the traditions behind, embracing the brand-new business model and chance. In order to grab the appetite of consumers and follow the latest trends, they would bring the new storm into the red ocean market. Regard of judges in the O2O startups competition, they were invited from the well known industrial experts including IDGvc, Wanda E-commerce, KPCB and so on. Viscovery, established from Singapore, was deeply concerned by judges owing to the patented visual search technology based on hundreds millions images on... more

SCAN HANZI APP Gives You a Wonderful Exhibition Tour with Visual Search, Keeping You from Drown in the Crowds.

When we enjoy an exhibition, the most annoying thing is huge crowds of people. We have to try very hard to enter the crowds to get closer to the exhibits, and the information on the wall printed too small to read clearly in the distance. We expend a lot of energy and time during the exhibition as if we just go through a war. In order to solve the problem, Viscovery cooperated with Chinese Linguipedia to launch SCAN HANZI APP featured with image recognition. Just snap the artwork with the APP, the name, the author and related introduction will show up immediately. By digital innovation, we could enjoy the beauty of Chinese characters and high quality experience relaxedly rather than being jam-packed. SCAN HANZI+Penmanship=Perfectly embrace Chinese culture SCAN HANZI APP launched in “2013 Cross-Strait Chinese Art Festival”, and it is the first APP which apply mobile image recognition to exhibition in Taiwan. iOS and Android versions are available. Through SCAN HANZI, the system will instantly identity the artwork and provide the information. The festival displayed admirable works of penmanship and seal cutting cross straits, such as Liji, Zhongyong and Tao Te Ching. Visitors could not only realize the deep... more