Label recognition searches in a few clicks, introduction of 5 wine APPs!

Visual search + Social recommendation + LBS = Personal wine recommendation When you taste a great wine,  you use the smart phone immediately and type keywords to search more information, such as the price and where to buy. What information is the most useful among thousands of datas? Today you want to buy a wine to celebrate the wedding anniversary, facing plenty of wines on the shelves, which one is the best? Some companies notice the demand and seize this business opportunity to develop visual search APP. Just use the APP to take a picture of the label of the wine, you can correctly search out the wine in a few clicks. The APP also tells you where to buy, the cost and other detail information. You know whether this wine are suitable for you right away . The label recognition technology takes away the problem of laboriously typing the necessary wine information. By using the built-in location services, local prices and stores for almost any wine can be accessed in just a few seconds. We can save efforts and time on looking for wine stores and prices. In addition to APP, now you have the second choice, using... more

Wearable Devices Integrates Image Recognition, “Augmented Tour”let Keith Haring Drawing ahead of Eyes.

Wearable device is on going Are you bored with just watching the static artworks and audio guidance in the museum? Starting today, you will be able to enjoy an “augmented tour” of the Keith Haring exhibition at the De Young Museum in San Francisco. When the visitor wearing Google Glass approaches the artwork which is placed one BLE beacon, you can watch the guidance video showing on Google Glass. Not only learning additional information but even watching how Keith Haring created art in the subway in NYC. Image recognition + Beacon + Google Glass = Perfect Guided Tour However, there is a few “glitches”. When there is a lot of people in a gallery it produces more interferences since beacons are also sensitive to the human body and any kind of solid material that can block the signal. Image recognition will be a great solution. Image recognition is an immense skill which can apply to multiple domains, including EC, APP search, art activity,etc. Viscovery successfully launched offline visual search of Google Glass this year , and the skill of visual search is the first related application of wearable devices in Taiwan. Image recognition can recognize graphic artworks effectively and... more

Viscovery won the champion of AWS Cloud startup competition!

   It is a great pleasure to share with you that Viscovery won the 1st. prize of Cloud startup competition! Amazon held the first AWS Summit and Cloud startup competition last Friday (12/12). Viscovery stood out from 200+ startups with rich experiences of cooperation with various industry and highly stable innovation service. Viscovery CEO Amos said, “ We are experienced in different industry such as E-commerce, exhibition, media, and marketing. With those sophisticated experience, we are highly potential intending to build an O2O bridge between physicals and digital world. Based on the AWS service, we are now serving 100,000,000 images loading on the cloud.”        In order to share the enjoyment with you, we are now releasing the benefits projects here: before  the end of year, Viscovery allows you to extend API trial  for 3 months; for the partners who have contacts longer than half year, we offer you 20% off! We sincerely invite you to join the variable O2O solution. Welcome to... more

Viscovery becomes AWS Technology Partner!

    We are proud to announce that Viscovery officially becomes AWS(Amazon Web Service) Technology Partner. Viscovery will make multiple use of AWS strong Cloud tools and training programs. We anticipate the amount of image recognition  will grow up to hundred millions, providing highly stable and efficient image recognition service and more business application.      AWS has been proactive to develop Chines market in recent years, and even held the first “ AWS Summit”and Cloud startup contest, which Viscovery was  proudly selected into TOP 15. This year, Viscovery established Beijing and Shanghai offices in Great China, and we eagerly invite more partners to cooperate and provide more O2O solutions. Welcome to contact  to get more... more