M-commerce: O2O integration matters Visual search technology accelerates mobile shopping process

    According to Forrester Research, mobile phone and tablet e-commerce is expected to reach $293 billion by 2018 and it is to more than double compared to this year. The trend posed challenge to physical retailers, direct sales providers like Amway and Wastons, both turning to Viscovery for O2O m-commerce solutions.     Producers that want to boost mobile sales will need to understand how customers use devices both inside and outside the physical store, and take advantage of the immediate needs smart devices are suited to meet. “Moreover, they have to build up connections between catalogs, products, contents in App, any marketing channels and ensure they all speak in the same language,’’ said Amos Huang, CEO of Viscovery “so that it could successfully connect offline sales with online users journey given that the m-commerce bridge is built completely .” Viscovery is an award- winning visual search solution provider, providing image recognition and matching service for Amway features in just scanning through products or catalogs and customers can buy goods on their phones and tablets directly.  This App not only shrinks the gap between various products and consumers but also contributes to our direct selling. Wastons, the biggest... more

Tech Asia: Viscovery claims to have the fastest image recognition technology on the market

  Viscovery claims to have the fastest image recognition technology on the market now by Daniel Tay Image recognition technology is slowly but surely going mainstream. Earlier this year, Amazon added a feature to its mobile app that promised to make shopping on their platform even easier than it was before. The feature, called Flow, lets users identify products simply by snapping a photo of it. Users can then purchase the product instantly on Amazon – remarkably simple and efficient. The thing about image recognition as a feature is that it needs to be lightning quick. Human beings have attention spans that are progressively getting shorter, and extended loading times are a surefire way of losing a potential customer on the spot. For this reason, the team at Taiwan-based visual search service Viscovery made speed the top priority when developing their image recognition technology. Connie Huang, business development manager at Viscovery, claims that they have the best recognition speed in the market right now. How good is it, you ask? Here’s a video that demonstrates how fast the process of recognition is:   As can be seen, Viscovery is markedly faster than other apps in recognizing the products from... more

5 Ways Visual Search Is Transforming the World We Live In

From birth, babies begin exploring the world around them through their eyes. They see, they interact, they learn. Technology is just catching up with the ability to effectively recognize images and respond to what is seen. Visual search technology is being integrated with a wave of new apps to improve the way you do just about anything. Here’s a look at 5 ways visual search is changing everyday life. 1. Television A commercial comes on TV advertising a buy one get one free pizza deal from Pizza Hut. You point your smartphone camera at the screen, it recognizes the ad, and you are asked if you’d like to place an order. You confirm the purchase and the pizza is delivered to your door within 20 minutes. You don’t even have to get off the couch until the delivery shows up. 2. Fashion While waiting at the bus stop you notice the person next to you has on a jacket that you like. You subtly point your phone at them while an app identifies the jacket, where it’s sold, and how much it costs. If you want you can order it now, but instead you decide it costs too much. After clicking on similar items you see a jacket that looks... more

Watsons Taiwan setting trends for O2O

  Watsons Taiwan setting trends for O2O Back in 2011, Watsons, the biggest cosmetics and pharmacy retailer in Taiwan, started its online business on Yahoo Shopping Mall platform. In 2014 they are ready to start a new chapter of their online retail strategy – building their own online store and mobile app to better understand their online clients as well as creating an edge for itself. Although faced with a heavily saturated cosmetics & pharmaceutical retail market, Watsons was able to capture a decent portion of the online market by working with Yahoo. The encouraging online revenue growth to date and the aim to further that online wallet market share (one in 6 female shoppers in Taiwan is a Watsons member) has propelled Watsons to form it’s own online platform. Customer Loyalty Members of Watsons loyalty program purchase 25% more than non-members. This gap shows the high brand loyalty of members, and for this reason Watsons promotes their membership card. By enlarging  and building their membership databases, Watsons will understand more about shoppers behaviors and anticipate their interest. In the past, it was difficult to collect all these information at their store location, but now Watsons can easily mine... more