Echelon: Knowing in detail about products you want just got simpler

Image recognition startup Viscovery lets mobile users take a photo and search for products and items quickly with their product. By Terence Ng Ever seen a product in a store and wanted to find out more about it before buying? Even as textual search has improved by leaps and bounds ever since big data firms like Google started refining their algorithms using data analytics tools, image and video search still remains at its infancy. Now, a plucky little Taiwan-based startup aims to change that. Founded by National Chengchi University alumni Amos Huang, Viscovery started life as Funwish, a visual search platform for the translation of Chinese characters. Soon after, the proliferation of mobile devices led the Funwish team to discover ample opportunities for visual search technologies to be used in everyday life, and Viscovery was born. So how does UR-Code work? For the end user, it is very simple. They only need to point the phone’s camera at a product, and the UR-Code program will search for and identify it. Behind this simplicity, though, is a large cloud-based network, which extracts unique signatures from product images that companies upload on the platform. According to Business Development Manager Connie Huang, visual search technology is steadily... more

Building Recognition for Innovative Exhibition

  ChengChi Time Machine: Innovative Building Recognition Application Mobile apps become the natural evolution of traditional audio tour, enabling visitors to self-guide around museums, hot spots and famous destinations. Information is the core factor impacting on touring experiences, however, the model of audio tour follows traditional one-way communication, with visitors passively participate in their pursuit of understanding. Chengchi Time Machine is a novel application supported by Viscovery’s visual search technology SDK( gives users an innovative exhibition touring experiences. Background To celebrate National ChengChi University’s 60th anniversary of rebuilding after Chinese Civil War, students and app developers came up with an idea: for an exhibition with app showing valuable photos and video records, which presents the long history behind the university. However, according to the past experience, the exhibition held in showroom could hardly attract visitors. Therefore, they tried to make the whole campus a grand gallery.   How Unlike other tour guide presenting historical buildings in a passive way, visitor has to look up in a booklet to find specific description; the whole process seems tedious as well. To solve the problem, this novel application combining with visual search technology develops a prototype of interactive tour guide solution. Using image... more

GMIC: Viscovery awarded the “Best Innovation Model”

Viscovery awarded the “Best Innovation Model” at Beijing’s most recent Global Mobile Internet Conference(GMIC) At the most recent GMIC (Global Mobile Internet Conference) in Beijing, Viscovery won the Best Innovative Model in the much anticipated G-Startup Competition. The competition carefully preselects from a pool of from 187 startups all over the world into final 10 to compete in Beijing. Viscovery is a mobile visual search solution company, providing C2C (customer to customer) and B2B (business to business) multi model mobile e-commerce solutions. Patented visual search technology saves consumers lots of time in decision-making process via more intuitive product searching measure. In addition to cooperating with business partners, Viscovery also planned to work on C2C products with sound and practical business model, and this is one of the reasons that Viscovery successfully caught the judges’ attention in the competition. According to IDG Capital Partner- Feng Li, he pointed out three important trends: the integration of software & hardware, virtual reality and visual search technology. Recently, Viscovery also announced application of visual search technology on Google Glass and this application really made a hit and received positive feedbacks in GMIC. Amos Huang, CEO of Viscovery, said “We will keep focusing on... more

Amway products speaks louder than words:How to make packages more informative?

Amway is a well-known America company, which sells a variety of products, especially in health, beauty and home care markets. Nutrilite, Amway’s most hot selling brand, is famous for its mineral, vitamin, and dietary supplements. With the product line so diversified, customers and also IBOs (Independent Business Owners) easily get confused about the different functions between goods. Therefore, how to make it quicker and more convenient to search among the huge database is crucial and Viscovery made it! For Amway’s primary consumers, who are at middle age and feel inconvenient to read labels on packages since tiny capitals and complicated ingredients. Nutrilite, however, have really bountiful product information. Viscovery provided brilliant mobile visual search solution for Nutrilite. Customers can use customized Nurilite App to scan through products’ labels and it will pop up videos and commercial films for counterparts’ precise nutrients, functions and recommended dose of daily usage. Furthermore, users can share those useful links on Facebook or send out via e-mails. It not only shrinks the gap between various products and consumers but also contributes to personal marketing. For IBOs, they need to know crystal clear about products in order to transfer correct and influential information to potential... more