MOMO Taipei: The future agencies

Brands and marketing agencies are confronting touch challenging. What is the next step for advertising agencies and how to integrate past traditional marketing experience with online media are the main topics in today’s conference. Sizmek, a well-known online advertising specialists, fuels digital campaigns for agencies and advertisers with cutting-edged technology in order to provide better services.  Recently, they acquired Republic Project of their cloud-based advertising platform, allowing advertisers to deliver captivating contents with live updates from different social media. It indicates that more and more advertisers pay attention to  the user”s engagement with their customers. In other words, one-way promotion does not work in the digital era. The penetration rate of Taiwan smartphone users has risen up to 50%, Additionally, ’’ Ogilvy’s interactive ad VP Wang said, ’’ everyone checks their phones 150 times per day.” Since advertisers have realized APP would play significant role in digital war, they all jumped into the market and developed applications for their own brands. ‘’However, the barrier is how to make their target audiences to install and use them.’ Wang pointed out QR-code is hardly to be used due to no direct connection with products directly. As a result,  the application of  QR code will decrease in retailer... more

Google invites Viscovery for visual search solution on Glass

 Viscovery visited Google office @Taipei 101 Yesterday Google announced Google Cloud Platform services will be available in the Asia Pacific region as it moves to expand the reach of its cloud services to more developers around the world.Google Cloud Platform will provide in Japanese and traditional Chinese. Google Blog:  “Now, more developers in Asia Pacific can experience the speed and scale of Google’s infrastructure with the expansion of support for Cloud Platform. Today we switched on support for Compute Engine zones in Asia Pacific, as well as deploying Cloud Storage and Cloud SQL.   Viscovery was invited to Google office, presented our own app with visual search and image recognition solution on Google Glass, it is not the first that we were invited to Google to present our solution. Viscovery has been always catch the most potential market to develop. Firstly, Viscovery started to develop visual search and image recognition technology, when we saw the smart phone market was going to grow, users take pictures all the time, but when users want to search something on smartphone, they have to type in, it was not convenient at all. However, we saw the demand of visual search and image recognition,... more

The Story of Viscovery- Visual Search Solution for your Apps

The Story of Viscovery- Visual Search Solution for your Apps Target on mobile phone  trend in the beginning At the beginning, Viscovery wanted to help foreigners to understand Chinese culture better, for example, Night market. There are so much food and foreigners could not understand what “青蛙下蛋”exactly means, if you translate literally. It dose not relate to food and the ingredient inside; therefore, Viscovery came up the idea, what if we could have more intuitive way to discover delicious food for foreigners? Back to 2011, smartphone was not as popular as today, but we saw the demand in this market will be bigger and bigger. Hence, we devoted ourselves into visual search solution. Developing off-line technology Certainly, it would not be that easy, we realized that mobile was still not for everyone yet, thus, we enlarged our business to assist tourists in order to access travel spots for information, not only for foreigner even Taiwanese could also use.  In 2014, we realized that cloud absolutely replaced the traditional hardware storage, as a result, we started to develop cloud based image recognition, and successfully we found a place for our business, it is cloud SAAS platform.  Surely, it won’t be enough for us, in the beginning of 2013, we confronted... more

Visual Search for Publications

How to make publications, such as magazines, newspaper, and so on, to be a channel for online media ? Viscovery works with 7-Watch magazine and IWalker TV program, giving you unbelievable visual search solution for publications and digital marketing! Challenge Traditional advertising models are lack of interaction with potential consumers and hardly contribute to direct sales effects. IWalker, Taiwan SET media group most famous traveling TV program, confronted with this problem that regardless TV commercial advertising, there was little channel for them to promote their works. Moreover, considering the upcoming long holidays of Chinese New Year, it was the best opportunity for TV shows to attract people’s attention and rise up TV rating points which influences the decision making of advertising buyers for the next year. Therefore, IWalker asked for Viscovery “s creative ideas and brilliant O2O (offline to Online) strategy. Solution Make strategic alliance from different business sector, 7-Watch, the most influential magazine with the biggest circulation focus on traveling and cuisine in Taiwan. The survey conducted by Google says that over 84% of users will look for deeper information about products they are interested in via mobile devices after seeing ads. Combined with Visual Search technology,  readers... more

Taiwan Excellence- Brand Recognition with Viscovery

Challenge Advertisers who buy outdoor ads usually are for brand recognition. According to Institute For Information Industry”s reports, it surprisingly points out that even though the reach point of outdoor ads is 55.4%, the mind share rate only accounts for 17.4%. It turns out the gap between awareness and remembering, also showing the limited effectiveness of one-ended outdoor ads. In order to introduce design of Taiwan and work with more  people, Taiwan External Trade Development Council approached to Viscovery for integrated marketing solution.     Solution We realize that brands tend to spend  huge amount of money on outdoor advertisements; therefore, we tried to amplify the effectiveness by making it interactive and interesting. Our client was looking for a new approach to user engagement and products exhibition. Viscovery gave them an opportunity to exploit mobile visual search technology not only from offline but also online advertising. Hence,we designed a treasure hunting game, customer can use the app to scan the picture printed on outdoor ads and navigate them to the question pages. When they answer the question about the correspondent image they have scanned correctly, and obtain credits. The more points the got.  the bigger chances to win the prizes,... more