TAAZE becames Amazon in Taiwan through visual search solution

   Amazon’s new app feature “flow” Amazon recently updated its shopping app with a new feature using augmented reality. Based on the visual search technology, the feature is called Flow and it allows users to find and purchase items online by scanning them with their phone’s camera. From its humble beginnings as an online bookstore, Amazon has evolved to become an e-commerce giant. It is now entering the mobile commerce arena by integrating Flow into its original shopping app. Rather than scanning the barcode or typing the name of item into a search bar, consumers can now simply scan the product itself. Flow will then detect the item and immediately pull it up on Amazon for instant purchasing.      Tazze is looking for being next Amazon in Taiwan TAAZE (http://www.taaze.tw) is one of the biggest e-tailers in Taiwan and aims to be like Amazon by providing a platform to sell second-hand books. Customers can use their mobile app to scan a book’s ISBN and immediately list it for sale. Traditionally, an auction platform is not the preferred method sell second-hand products due to the inconveniences posed to both buyers and sellers. To tackle this problem, TAAZE looked to... more