E-commerce  Price Comparison

Our technology searches for a better price both online and in-store, breaking down the boundaries between online and offline, and makes shopping ever more convenient.

  • When shopping online, or even traveling in a foreign country, every detail of a purchase item is shown at once with just a snapshot of it.
  • Finding cost-effective things to buy takes just a few seconds.
  • There are no restrictions as you would find with using QR codes.

Interactive Exhibition

Our technology raises brand awareness and enhances the exhibitor’s reputation.

  • The mere cool aspect of our technology arouses curiosity and draws the attention of visitors, who can take photos at any time to find out more about the exhibitor.
  • Guides offline traffic flow to online EC platforms.
Case: Ningbo Incity “Tsai Kangyong-Secret Study”

O2O Marketing

Image recognition creates a new marketing model. Improve traditional advertising channels effectively.

  • Attract patrons through cool interactive events.
  • Quickly receive feedback of an ad’s effectiveness.
  • Breaks down the barriers between online and offline.
  • Expands offline and OOH(Out Of Home Media) advertising value-added services.
Case: Family Mart’s metro Advertisement