Taiwan 27th Lantern Festival

Taiwan biggest lantern festival celebration

Image recognition tech meeting tradition sparks lantern festival in Taoyuan

Using Taiwan Lantern Festival official App, and take a snap on hand-lanterns, called “ Energetic Monkey”, user can get the chance to win prizes. Recognizing the lanterns, which builds connection with users, and successfully modernizes this traditional events to a new era.

Life Magazine

Leading lifestyle magazine renowned for its taste and aesthetics

Intelligent recognition helps art exhibition to raise awareness and preserve cultural heritage

We helped to create a novel experience at the Dunhuang Exhibition in Beijing. Our intelligent recognition technology attracted more participants to enjoy this amazing cultural showcase. Visitors could easily point their mobile phones and shoot items in the exhibition that they were interested in to access more details and stories as well as play games. We were proud to participate in elevating the profound history of Dunhuang and raise awareness to protect this priceless heritage.


Taiwan’s Largest 3C Electronics Chain Store

Catching the mobile shopping trend

In addition to making price comparisons and mobile payment services, our image-recognition function was added to Tsannkuen’s new app to enhance the mobile shopper’s experience and reinforce the company’s M-commerce offering.

Family Mart

One of Asia’s largest international chain convenience stores

A new way of metro advertising

Our DS technology transforms metro advertising from a one-way transmission of information to an interactive show of great value.Family Mart buys more than 100 subway ads in China each year. Commuters can snap a “chicken leg” image on their screens to receive a free bento box. The campaign attracted 230,000 participants and planted the brand’s image in the hearts (and stomachs!) of many commuters.

Ningbo Incity

High-end shopping mall

A pioneer of interactive exhibitions

Viscovery worked with Ningbo Incity on the “Tsai Kangyong-Secret Study” exhibition. Through image recognition, visitors could understand the history behind books and posters of the late Qing Dynasty. The bingo game unlocked by recognizing and collecting brand images was a huge crowd pleaser.

Woo Tech

A subsidiary of China Unicom

Technical creativity overcomes online marketing obstacles

Working with Woo store, one of the biggest app platforms in China with 200 million users, Viscovery allows mobile action gamers to  unlock a free mobile 4G traffic package by simply taking photos of specified objects.

Taiwan Excellence

Taiwan Merchandises’ Global Campaign 

OOH campaign comes to life!

Viscovery’s visual search technology makes OOH advertisements a platform for mutual communication. By recognising content on billboard, more exciting and catchy clips and stories can be revealed and delivered beyond the boards. 

ChipSiP Technology

Asia’s leading smart glasses brand

visual recognition + smart devices advancing visitor experience 

Visitors can get more information about the historic archives, audibly and visually, through smart glasses with Viscovery’s visual recognition technology.  ChipSiP’s smart glasses co-worked with Taiwan’s National Palace Museum for the very first time, becoming the latest technology breakthrough in 2015’s NPM Digital Archive Projects. 


Pioneer of the Media Platform Industry 

“Ecosystem consists of Platform, Content, End-users and Applications"

Retrieving valuable datas and information by recognising and analysing faces, scenes and products displayed in the video. 

Cross-Strait Hanzi Art Festival

First-ever cross-Strait calligraphy exhibition

Exhibition fun at a whole new level

With real-time scanning, Viscovery’s Chinese character recognition technology embedded in the exhibition’s app displayed information of the artworks along with an audio guide. The combination of clips and interactive games made the artworks come to life, entertaining and delighting visitors with the quintessence of the calligraphy.


One of Taiwan’s largest online book retailers with a popular C2C second-hand book exchange on its app

Intuitive buying and selling

Viscovery worked closely with this second-hand book-selling platform to make it the best exchange experience on mobile devices. Simply scan the book cover to search for the copy you want. Using our embedded image recognition technology, users no longer need to key in tedious information, such as the title, author or ISBN code for every single book. Scanning also makes second-hand book categorization more convenient, and reduces the chances of misunderstandings during a transaction.


Globally-renowned nutrition supplement provider

Let the product speaks for itself!

Consumers used to have to call a salesperson for assistance with purchasing Amway products. Now, all they need to do is scan and buy. Viscovery’s technology also helps the elderly who struggle to read product information printed on the packaging, or find online shopping complicated. We ensure that with a simple scan, the information and a purchase button is just a click away, making shopping online ever more safe and efficient.

the Glenlivet

Second-largest single malt brand worldwide

Image recognition + Augmented Reality + Mobile Whiskey Bar = Cutting-edge interactive experience!

Running the visual recognition technology within the application reveals an AR animation that introduces the history of Glenlivet and a clip of the Glenlivet team shoot in Europe. Users are then directed to the nearest mobile whiskey bar to receive a mini-sized whiskey souvenir.

阿狸 Ali

Famous Chinese virtual idol loved by legions of fans nationwide

Smart shopping at its best 

With a quick scan, fans can locate merchandise related to the character and see where they can be purchased. Visual recognition technology also makes staff training so much easier by providing access to the product information database.

Oreno French+Italian Restaurant

Japan-based French and Italian restaurant in Shanghai

Smart dining with added benefits

The media and selected guests were invited to the Michelin-starred restaurant’s opening ceremony to unveil “a gift from a friend.” While waiting for the dishes to be served, guests could scan the Oreno logo using their mobile cameras to reveal the story behind the brand, its philosophy, as well as more information on the chefs and the sommeliers. Oreno successfully showcased why its fans in Japan and Hong Kong are so passionate about for its top-rate cuisine, opening the door to enhancing the brand’s engagement with customers in a new market.