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Video Discovery Service

Based on many years of research in video recognition technology and it's applications, Viscovery has successfully developed VDS (Video Discovery Service). VDS automatically recognizes video content and generates tags highlighting content with high business value. In the past, unstructured data (photos and videos) could not be analyzed, but now with VDS solution we can automatically structurize video content and apply the results to digital advertising as well as brand analysis.

FITAMOS 7 recognition categories

The only integrated recognition solution in the industry
  • Face

    Identify more than 10000+ celebrities accurately.

  • Image

    Recognize brand and specs of 10000+ products, including cars, FMCG, household products, and luxury goods.

  • Text

    Grasp emotional and abstract concepts through our Deep Natural Language Processing based parsing engine.

  • Audio

    Recognize the rhythm and melody of the video being played and match advertisements accordingly.

  • Motion

    Identify motion to the context, maximizing the value of contextual ads.

  • Object

    Precisely recognizing 10000+ objects to generate business value in videos.

  • Scene

    Accurately identifying 500+ scenes while automatically excluding interference including objects, logos, and banners.

VDS (Video Discovery Service) makes mining big video data possible. We partner with video platforms and live streaming apps to analyze massive video content and find objects and scenes with great business values. A new business model is created to boost advertising revenues.

Meta-Scale Image Database

Capable of storing millions of images, we now have 12 million product images ready for use.

Patented Algorithm

10+ patented algorithms, increasing the recognition accuracy to 98%.

Blazing Fast Recognition Speed

Real-time recognition in just milliseconds (0.006 sec), saving 90% of manual work, accelerating the speed of video recognition.