ChengChi Time Machine: Innovative Building Recognition Application

Mobile apps become the natural evolution of traditional audio tour, enabling visitors to self-guide around museums, hot spots and famous destinations. Information is the core factor impacting on touring experiences, however, the model of audio tour follows traditional one-way communication, with visitors passively participate in their pursuit of understanding. Chengchi Time Machine is a novel application supported by Viscovery’s visual search technology SDK( gives users an innovative exhibition touring experiences.


To celebrate National ChengChi University’s 60th anniversary of rebuilding after Chinese Civil War, students and app developers came up with an idea: for an exhibition with app showing valuable photos and video records, which presents the long history behind the university. However, according to the past experience, the exhibition held in showroom could hardly attract visitors. Therefore, they tried to make the whole campus a grand gallery.



Unlike other tour guide presenting historical buildings in a passive way, visitor has to look up in a booklet to find specific description; the whole process seems tedious as well. To solve the problem, this novel application combining with visual search technology develops a prototype of interactive tour guide solution. Using image recognition SDK powered by Viscovery, the app could recognize architectures on campus and navigate to direct introductions. Furthermore, the patented offline technology could reduce time lags for searching procedure which made it a smoothly connections to multi-media of contents, including video clips, articles and audio guides.

chengchi gate timemachine exhibition

Amos, CEO of Viscovery

“The recognition results for physical building may be affected by quality of photos, lighting conditions or other eternal factors. We also add GPS to make sure users can get correct information after a snap.” Professor Liao said. Viscovery provides free trial of high-end visual search API, which assisting web-based content management allows developers to add and edit pictures for searching and encourage potential designers to make various applications. “It is an honor to help my alma mater, National ChengChi University, to launch of this meaningful app.” Amos, CEO of Viscovery replied.


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