Amway is a well-known America company, which sells a variety of products, especially in health, beauty and home care markets. Nutrilite, Amway’s most hot selling brand, is famous for its mineral, vitamin, and dietary supplements.


With the product line so diversified, customers and also IBOs (Independent Business Owners) easily get confused about the different functions between goods. Therefore, how to make it quicker and more convenient to search among the huge database is crucial and Viscovery made it!

For Amway’s primary consumers, who are at middle age and feel inconvenient to read labels on packages since tiny capitals and complicated ingredients. Nutrilite, however, have really bountiful product information.

Viscovery provided brilliant mobile visual search solution for Nutrilite. Customers can use customized Nurilite App to scan through products’ labels and it will pop up videos and commercial films for counterparts’ precise nutrients, functions and recommended dose of daily usage. Furthermore, users can share those useful links on Facebook or send out via e-mails. It not only shrinks the gap between various products and consumers but also contributes to personal marketing.

For IBOs, they need to know crystal clear about products in order to transfer correct and influential information to potential buyers. Considering many IBOs are without medical background or lack of basic knowledge, video education is a good media to spread. With just a snap, IBOs can use their own mobile devices to memorize those features of goods anytime, anywhere.