About us

Viscovery, founded in 2013,  is a leading provider of visual search technology in the Asia Pacific region. Viscovery’s Deep Learning-based visual recognition engines have been deployed in a wide range of applications, from product recognition in O2O, object recognition in AR/VR, to contextual advertising on video streaming platforms. Viscovery’s R&D center is located in Taipei, with offices in Shanghai, Beijing and Singapore. Viscovery is recognized Internationally, being ranked as “successful and innovative” by Google and accepted as technology partner by IBM, Amazon Web Service, Intel, Quanta and many others.

Viscovery’s revolutionary Video Discovery Service (VDS) has a database of over 10M commercial product SKUs and fulfilled over 20,000,000 auto-tagging requests, each completed in milliseconds with great precision. Through close collaboration with top academics in the region, Viscovery continues to pioneer in bold new visual recognition applications.


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