• O2O (Online To Offline) business model - Use our visual search technology to drive offline audiences to online to create the best shopping experiences.
  • Data analysis - Track visual search usage and analyze effectiveness in real time. 
  • E-commerce and M-commerce - Visual search can be applied as a solution for retailers, e-commerce sites, publishers, and as a tool to improve branding. 
  • App integration - Visual search can be integrated with existing mobile apps through a simple setup process using our scalable API to support millions of images.


How it works

  • Image Matching
    Once the signatures have been successfully submitted, the mobile client is able to perform image matching in real-time.
  • Send to Image Recognition Platform
    Images may be added, updated, or deleted from our image recognition platform at any time. The updates will then be sent to mobile clients via an efficient synchronization mechanism.
  • Image Extraction and Recognition
    A compact signature captures the content of each image uploaded to our server. 
  • Cross Platform for Image Recognition/Free Tests
    Upload any image you want to be recognized with our image recognition API: Viscovery's client-side SDK is available both on iOS and Android platforms.